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Grounds Maintenance & Landscaping


From Schools to Universities, Business Parks, Industrial Estates, Housing Associations, Local Authorities, Office blocks to Retail parks, Hospitals, Facility Management Companies, New-build Property Developers, Property Management Companies and Residential Blocks…you name it, we’ve done it.


Whatever the size of your company or the grounds that surround it, we’re 100% committed to providing

only the highest levels of specialist care and service in every single thing we do.


We shall develop a work scheduling system which shall deliver high quality standards compliant with

contract requirements, excellent customer service and maximum efficiency whilst having a minimum

impact on the environment.


Once we receive a full site listing we will produce an annual operational plan detailing what activities

we intend to carry out on which particular sites. Once that had been examined and ratified by the client

a monthly task lists will be produced, these would set out in a clear fashion the;

Sequence of activities to be carried out each month.

The location of sites where the activity would be carried out.

The type of machinery intended to carry out the activity.

The route to be taken by the operative/s

Standard of activity to be carried out

Areas for recording of any random work inspection checks

Daily report of work completed by site location.


We carry out risk assessments prior to commencement of any works, ensuring our staff safety and that

of the site they are working on. Our staff are supported by our management team who monitor the standard, progress and completion of all works. They also oversee our Health and Safety systems and deliver

certificated in house and external vocational training.

All our vehicles, uniforms and machinery carry the companies’ livery and contact details. The company

office is manned at all times during the working day and should an emergency occur all staff have

mobiles and for out of office hours an answering machine is always switched on. The Managing Director carries a mobile phone and that number shall be available to all clients. The Managing Director shall

attend Neighbourhood Forums and site visits at the request of the client.


All staff are trained in all aspects on the particular piece of equipment which they are expected to



A procedure exists within the Health & Safety documentation which states that staff working alone

shall phone the Administration office each, and every two hours whilst working alone. Staff are instructed

during their induction training that in the case of threats and abuse staff is to extricate themselves

from the situation as quickly and safely as possible (if possible securing any machines or equipment first)

but the first priority is the safety of staff


Future Plans

The Company is currently looking towards accreditations for ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 and

LISS/CSCS cards for all staff.



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